Sam Nielson's course with Imaginsim Studios was great to discover the science behind light and how it effects different materials. This was an in depth course but I really enjoyed it! You can see some of my assignments here, I just have the final to complete before I start my next course.

Hi all, it's been a while since I posted but it's because I am starting a new project. I am working on my own game and this is my first final character, I am hoping to get a few more created over the next few months and my game website is under way. Watch this space for more art :)

I created some chibi styled characters for an art test, it was a little challenging, but fun to explore a new style!

Quick sketch of a new character for my portfolio, I have been playing with styles but I think this is the one I am settling on :)

Recently I have been experimenting with characters, trying to find the right degree of cartoon/ realism to build on. Here are a few examples-

It looks like the summer is almost over in Hertfordshire and I am taking another schoolism course which will make posting new work a little more difficult. I am planning a couple projects to complete over the winter months so bare with me as I find a healthy balance in posting! This was a quick daily exercise on the train in to work, I might take her to colour :)

Small sketch while on holiday in Wales last week.

I finished off a piece I did as a value comp while on Nathan's course a few months back, I really liked the idea of a story behind this so couldn't help slapping some paint on it.
Working on another piece I did on my last course with Nathan Fowkes, I just liked the idea of this one. It reminds me of the sort of books I use to read as a teenager by Robin Jarvis and Brian Jacques. The value is ready now so I can finish it off in colour :)

My latest piece :) I always wanted to work on a quirky video game like Zelda. This is my take on Link and Navi, I miss those good old N64 days playing with my siblings.

Had a lot of fun working on this piece, took a couple days. I wanted it to have a Zelda feel to it and it might be a style I explore a bit more.

Working on something new, trying to combine my 2D & 3D

30 min colour study of a Rio 2 piece created by Nathan Fowkes
These are some little daily doodles I try to fit in on the train to work :)

Here are some in-game assets I worked on last year-

This is my finished final piece for Nathan's Fowkes Pictorial Composition class with I hope you like it! You can see Nathan's work here

Please take a look at my professional portfolio which is now a living work in progress on ArtStation!

Week 8 is here! So I have been trying to find interesting compositions for a portfolio piece and I think I am almost there... Here are the colour roughs I came up with this week, I do have a favourite but need to wait for feedback before I decide which way to go. This rolls into the final week of the course, I will be incredibly sad to say goodbye to (Nathan Fowkes) but hopefully I have improved since his first course and will carry the experience throughout my career.

These are my final concepts for the course, no clue which one I will go with yet, which one do you prefer? I tried to keep each one unique in different ways, I really like games such as Zelda, Ori and the Blind Forest, FF10, Ico, Kingdom Hearts, I hope you like them it's been another great but tough course! :)

Here I am at week 6 of the incredible Nathan Fowke's composition class with schoolism @imaginism studios. I have been trying hard to put more design into my work, here are some rough studies from this week's assignment.

After another week on the course it's really taught me to think about where I want contrast in my images. We were asked to come up with a full colour illustration so I took my idea from the first weeks assignment and re-drew it. I think it represents what's been in my head for months now and maybe one day I can take it further.

We discovered how to create focal points this week, I stepped back a little from the dark moody scenes and hope you like it!

Another bunch of original value studies with clarity and boldness worked out in each composition. A nice wake up call as I come crashing back to reality after a great trip to Italy :)

Here is my homework for this week, I had two days to do 5 value studies from my own head! This is because we go on holiday to Italy, I will be taking my paints with me so lets hope I can get some spare time from eating pasta & pizza! The idea here is to use 'Unity' with 'Variety'.

So this is some low poly, hand painted 3D art I was working on before joining Gaming Realms, I really need to finish the scene but thought why not share it on here.

This is my first assignment from the amazing Nathan Fowkes, the course is Pictorial Composition, I had to create studies from 3 different images as seen below. Roughly a couple hours spent on each study from value through to quick colour roughs.

Very quick sketch of my pet cat Tilly helping me with my art :)

Hi there! I just set up a new facebook page so please help by supporting me on there :)

Today I am starting Nathan's new course so hopefully I will have some new stuff to post soon.

This is something I am re-working at the moment along with 50 other things + my day job as a game's artist! I start Nathan Fowkes Composition class next week so there will be a lot more art work to follow. I have also had the green light for my first game release so I am hoping to share that with the art world very soon :)

These were a collection of value studies I did while taking Nathan Fowkes Colour & Light course at

Quick composition study, and that's my course with the amazing Tom Fluharty complete!

Today's study is of the Whitehouse, practicing horizon lines, vanishing points, and 2 point perspectives.

Colour version of my night time scene I did for a Bobby Chiu competition.

I thought I would post some really old work, I did a few children's books back when I was still studying 3d Animation. It's really good practice to review old work and understand what you would have done differently. I can safely say there are a lot of things I would have done differently now which means I am moving forward with new ideas and techniques. So here are a quick collection of characters I did back in 2009.

Quick value study for Week 2 of Tom Fluharty's course with

Here I have used acrylics to practice some colour & light studies.

This week I am back in the swing of things and continuing my colour studies after a much needed Christmas break. These consist of various art to do rough studies from, some are photos, other artists work, or my own, this helps me practice colour & light and I do not use the colour picker.

This was from Nathan Fowkes class for Imaginism Studios, we were given an assignment to bring light to the render. You can find his work here