Here is my homework for this week, I had two days to do 5 value studies from my own head! This is because we go on holiday to Italy, I will be taking my paints with me so lets hope I can get some spare time from eating pasta & pizza! The idea here is to use 'Unity' with 'Variety'.

So this is some low poly, hand painted 3D art I was working on before joining Gaming Realms, I really need to finish the scene but thought why not share it on here.

This is my first assignment from the amazing Nathan Fowkes, the course is Pictorial Composition, I had to create studies from 3 different images as seen below. Roughly a couple hours spent on each study from value through to quick colour roughs.

Very quick sketch of my pet cat Tilly helping me with my art :)

Hi there! I just set up a new facebook page so please help by supporting me on there :)

Today I am starting Nathan's new course so hopefully I will have some new stuff to post soon.

This is something I am re-working at the moment along with 50 other things + my day job as a game's artist! I start Nathan Fowkes Composition class next week so there will be a lot more art work to follow. I have also had the green light for my first game release so I am hoping to share that with the art world very soon :)

These were a collection of value studies I did while taking Nathan Fowkes Colour & Light course at