Week 8 is here! So I have been trying to find interesting compositions for a portfolio piece and I think I am almost there... Here are the colour roughs I came up with this week, I do have a favourite but need to wait for feedback before I decide which way to go. This rolls into the final week of the course, I will be incredibly sad to say goodbye to http://nathanfowkes.blogspot.co.uk/ (Nathan Fowkes) but hopefully I have improved since his first course and will carry the experience throughout my career.

These are my final concepts for the course, no clue which one I will go with yet, which one do you prefer? I tried to keep each one unique in different ways, I really like games such as Zelda, Ori and the Blind Forest, FF10, Ico, Kingdom Hearts, I hope you like them it's been another great but tough course! :)

Here I am at week 6 of the incredible Nathan Fowke's composition class with schoolism @imaginism studios. I have been trying hard to put more design into my work, here are some rough studies from this week's assignment. http://nathanfowkes.blogspot.co.uk/