I did this piece in a day for an art test

So this weekend I attended the #schoolism workshop, it's my 3rd one now and gets better with each year. This time we got to see Wesley Burt, Karla Ortiz, and Jeff Turley do live demos. These guys have worked on the biggest games, animated films such as Ubisoft, Disney, etc.... But the highlight for me was meeting my artist hero, Nathan Fowkes, I chatted away to him for some time at the after party until the lights went up. I trained with him on 2 full courses and he even remembered my work! Here are some photos from the event, including my signed sketch book. The best weekend ever! Thanks #schoolism #bobbychiu #nathanfowkesart

This is a sketch of my main character for my game, her name is Omni and is a threat to the evil creeping across the land of Persethius.