To all the aspiring artists, DON'T GET TOO COMFORTABLE!! Having been in the creative industry for a few years now (going on 10 but who's counting!) I wanted to give some advice.

I recently started a new job and with all new jobs it is exciting, daunting, and it feels we have really hit the top, this is the one! it's now 7 weeks in and you start to realise, what if this isn't the one, am I going to have enough skills to hit the jobs market again, what's going to be next? You only find yourself at this stage because quite frankly, you have let things slip.

These past few weeks have been the very best of my career so far, digitally painting all day, researching Disney artwork... I would come home and have the mind set, ahh, I have done enough hard slogging work these past 8 years I need a break. NO!! Don't listen to that voice don't ever settle, and definitely never think you have learned enough from life because it can creep up behind you and give you an almighty wallop!

So my plan is to finish a few things by Christmas, enjoy the break then get stuck right into my game Omni. This will mean extra hours at the computer, this will mean turning down invitations and this will mean getting my head back into some online courses. Art needs to evolve, so learn from my past mistakes and make sure you are always ready to battle whatever gets thrown at you.

And if you are wondering about courses please check out SCHOOLISM.